10 Tips for Rearing Butterflies in your Classroom

We have so enjoyed rearing butterflies over the years and observing their life cycles. Here are my 10 tips to get started on one for yourself. Of course I’ve listed a couple of activities and lots of our favorite BOOKS! Hope you enjoy an easy read on this Mother’s Day.

Fall Window Cling Tutorial

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to make window clings to place on our windows for decoration. There is a little bit of wait time involved, but this project is it rather easy one and a lot of fun. The overall project includes making lead lines with black fabric paint….

Native American Inspired Beading Tutorial

  I had some requests on instructions for the beadwork that my children did for our Native American studies. This activity can lend itself to a variety of ages. Some things to consider when choosing what materials might be appropriate for your child:   The size of the loom. The size of the string and…

Using nesting shapes when playing with math

Nesting shapes are a fun, visual way to explore shapes and math.  In addition they lend themselves to flexibility of ages and a variety of mathematical concepts.  I’ve written a short tutorial in making them.   First take a piece of cardstock 8 ½ by 11 and mark 1 inch strips lengthwise. Cut out those…

Geometry and More-Exploring the Waldorf Philosophy

I’ve been dabbling a little in the Waldorf education. I’ve always had a “whole child” philosophy to education with a delayed academics approach. I mean Finland is leading the globe in education, and they don’t even begin formal academics until after age 7. They must be doing something right. That doesn’t mean the children aren’t…